JAN 19th, 2005

Dear Sources,

I am extremely dissatisfied with my after-sales experiences with your
dealership.  You have given me nothing but headaches and frustration,
and all of this has been relayed to Chrysler Canada.

Your little receptionist and her "this isn't my fault, I didn't do this"
attitude needs to go.  A customer does not need to hear this by someone
earning minimum wage, nor does it reflect well on a dealership to see a
receptionist rolling her eyes as the phone queues pile up with calls
from unhappy customers.  I called earlier today, I can just imagine her
rolling her eyes like she did to those other customers.  I'm stuck
paying over $570 for the next 5 years and I'm so fed up of your
dealership, I would give you the truck back in a heartbeat and do
business elsewhere.  Stephanie, the other receptionist, is extremely
helpful.  Keep her.  Give her a raise.  Give her a hug for me.

Here's a little summary on my experiences with your dealership so far.
I'm looking forward to adding to this list, so I can share these
wonderful experiences with everyone else I know.  I also hope that
Chrysler Canada removes that 5 star rating sign over your dealership
because it's just there for looks.

I live in Laval, useless trips to your dealership are EXTREMELY

- My truck was delivered without its AM/FM antenna.  Useless trip back
to the dealer #1.

- A $500 deposit was required to sign for the truck, 2 weeks later, it
still wasn't refunded.  Useless trip back to the dealer #2.

- Sources Jeep decides to be nice and get my license plate for me.  No
one tells me this however and 10 days after I buy my truck, I head to
the licence bureau to get my licence plate.  They inform me that Sources
Jeep has my licence plate.  So I drive around the following day with an
expired licence to go pick up the licence plate my wonderful dealership
picked up for me.  I ask someone why I wasn't informed of this at any
time through the purchase process or just yesterday when I came to get
my $500 back, and no one was able to tell me.  Useless trip back to the
dealer #3.

- I receive a feedback form from Chrysler Canada for me to fill out and
reinforce the fact that your dealership merits the 5-star logo above the
dealership, and I was told to return it back in person, NO FAX, NO MAIL
accepted.  Useless trip back to the dealer #4, but they're giving me the
$300 cards in return, I can live with that.  I called earlier this
morning to confirm that I can return the form without the presence of my
salesman, and the receptionist that enjoys rolling her eyes around said
yes.  When I arrive, rolling eyes was too busy on the phones and Sandra
tried to help me.  Sandra was nice and helpful too, but rolling eyes
said they couldn't find my VIP card, I'd have to come pick it up
whenever the card was found, just because I hadn't shaved today, I look
unemployed, and certainly I have nothing better to do than to run back
to Sources Jeep whenever they find my card.  Mailing it to my house is
not an option, as I am not worthy of the 37 cent stamp that is required.
I try explaining to rolling eyes that this is starting to become
frustrating and I'd like to get this card mailed to me at home.  This is
when I was told that "this isn't my fault, I didn't do this".   This was
when Stephanie came over and said "Sir, I've seen you here at least 3
times before, is everything OK?".  Stephanie decided to help me, she
took down my info and said the card would be in the mail. 

- The login ID provided in the feedback form does not work.  I tried it
in caps, I tried it in lower case, still nothing.  Popups are enabled.
I call the telephone number on the website for people who are having
trouble logging in and I hear a message saying that the office is
currently closed, that I should try to contact them during their normal
business hours; Monday to Friday, between 9AM and 6PM, EST.  Considering
it was 12:46PM on Wednesday, Jan 19th EST, I'm a little PO'd about that
too, but that there isn't something your dealership caused, so as your
receptionist would put it, it's not your fault.

- I am not a mechanic by any means, but would it be possible to clear up
a verbal quote I received regarding a change to synthetic oil?  I asked
about changing my transmission and transfer case oils to synthetic oil
and I was told by someone that it would require taking off the
transmission plate, opening both units up, emptying the fluids and
putting in synthetic oil.  "Figure about $300".  Even an idiot like
myself was able to the take off two bolts on my 1992 YJ Renegade and
change those two oils in about half an hour.  Did my 2004 TJ become that
much less friendly to service?  If this is your price, that is fine, I
can do that elsewhere, but does the skid plate really need to be
removed?  Does the tranny really need to be gutted open?

I am a reasonable man, I can understand that the timing of the purchase
wasn't ideal, that PERHAPS the licence bureau was closed when the truck
was delivered, that it was probably an honest oversight that my deposit
was forgotten, but put all the things I mention above together and you
have yourself a nightmare before your first payment is even made.  I
suspect it's going to get worse when my first VIP card expires and my
salesperson refuses to give me additional ones (for the lifetime of my
payments) as we negociated, but I'll deal with that if and when the time

One final piece of advice.  I received a letter from your VP/New car
operations thanking me for my money over the next 5 years.  He signed
the letter at the bottom, but I'm convinced it was the work of a 4
year-old.  It's one solid line with a squibble on it.  It's what you
draw when you want to erase something you wrote down by pen.  I work in
an environment where presentation, etiquette, and the ability to spell
CORRECTLY is extremely important, as I believe it can reflect poorly on
your businees if you can't even take the time to ensure your letter is
error-free and looks professional.  One space after commas is etiquette,
and two after a period.

Best regards,
Tony.                                                                          PART 2